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Outdoor Kitchen Appliances Must Have in Florida


This is an absolute essential for any outdoor space. Consider a built-in grill for a sleek look, or a standalone model based on your space and needs. Gas, charcoal, and electric options are available based on your preference.

Cayote G6 Pellet Grill Island - Stacked Stone Graphite

It’s great for storing beverages and perishables. Opt for a weatherproof model designed specifically for outdoor use.

Alfresco One Door Refrigerator
Enhance your cooking capabilities with a gas range or cooktop, allowing you to prepare entire meals outside.
Whether it’s wood-fired or gas, a pizza oven can be a great addition for authentic pizza and even for baking bread or roasting meats.
Alfresco Pizza Oven Plus - Built-in
Specifically designed to keep wines, beers, and other beverages at the optimal temperature.
Cayote 7′ Refrigeration Bar Island - Stacked Stone Graphite
Keeps food warm while you finish grilling or cooking other dishes.
Alfresco Food Warmer Table
Some high-end grills come with a built-in rotisserie, but standalone models are also available. It’s perfect for roasting large cuts of meat or whole poultry.
Alfresco Artisan Grills 42″ Artisan Professional Series Built in Model

Remember, with Florida’s salt air, humidity, and occasional storms, it’s crucial to invest in high-quality, weather-resistant appliances that can withstand these challenges. Regular maintenance and protective covers can also help prolong the life of these outdoor appliances.

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