-Quick and easy to install
-Easy to clean
-Resistant to thermal shock
-Highly resistant to chemicals, mold, mildew, salt, corrosion, and stains
-Massive over life cost savings
-Controlled color variation and quality
-Durable: resistant to heavy vehicle and pedestrian traffic
-Residential use to heavy commercial use
-Great for all climates

Paver Flagstone Goldstone

Outdoor Porcelain Paver Flagstone Goldstone 12×24″, 3/4″ thick

8 sq.ft./case, 4 pieces/case

These pavers don’t require the labor of pre-sealing and thicker thin sets that natural stone does. It can be used for driveways, patios, swimming pools decks, and terraces. Porcelain pavers are also an excellent choice for salt water pools, because of its resistance to chemicals, mold and mildew, salt, corrosion, and stains.

Available for In-store pick up only.

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