The Noche Collection has a wide variety of formats to choose from, including tiles, veneers and coping suitable to dress your entire house inside and out. The sophisticated yet homey feel is highly regarded in the natural stone community and beyond due to its aesthetics and durability. Noche travertine is elegant enough for use in interior design and strong enough for landscaping projects.

The stones in the Noche Collection are very resistant and can last a lifetime. These qualities make for the ultimate pavers.

The Noche Collection originates from Turkey, a country with vast resources of natural stone. Not surprisingly, travertine was the material used in many of the Roman era buildings that are preserved today. Noche travertine is a compact rock composed basically of calcite and some limonite and hematite. The main characteristic of travertine is its porosity. Depending on how the block is cut, we can extract travertine that has been formed in water and appreciate its undulations and gorgeous circular fissures.

Noche Travertine Paver

Size: French Pattern 6″ X 12″ – 12″ X 24″ – 16″ X 24″ – 16″ X 16″ – 24″ X 24″
Finish: Tumbled
Application Areas: Pool Deck | Driveway | Walkway | Patio | Backyards | Outdoor

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